Give Forward

A place to remind ourselves and others to multiply the kindness and generosity we receive.

Give Forward is a place to encourage generosity in our everyday lives. Whether it be buying a cup of coffee or helping a neighbor move a couch, pass out our free cards and tell those you help to give forward.

Be a part of a new generation of altruism

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Most recent reactions to people giving forward:

so, cool i idea, thanks for the invite Mr. Mckenzie, I was kinda hoping for a puzzle, i like puzzles, but this is better, the coin was pretty cool glad i got the mystery package thumbs up, good review 👍👍
Missing anonymous
Great idea. Will pay it forward.
Thank you for helping me learn how to code.
Tags: #code #learning #software #development
Thank you for thinking of me, it made my day!
Thanks Ian :) I shall find some way to give forward today ...
Thank you for all your awesome suggestions on how to make Give Forward better!
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